Big Omaha 2017 Call for Speakers

Big Omaha is a nonprofit conference focused on increasing technology, entrepreneurship, and creativit in the Midwest by sparking new ideas, encouraging burgeoning ones, and motivating innovation. Business and technology is our new frontier.

This year’s conference centers around overcoming challenges and how using the challenges of others can be a key learning tool. We are seeking out speakers who are open to discussing setbacks, challenges, or even failures — professional or personal — that they were able to overcome to reach their current level of success. These challenges are what shape people, businesses, and organizations, whether because they helped motivate, refine an idea, unlock a personal perspective, define a purpose, or achieve a greater success than originally imagined.

More importantly to us, though, is that our speakers also believe in our mission of growing our region’s entrepreneurial and creative culture and promoting the infusion of technology and creativity into this culture.


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