Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge

Deadline for final entry is 3/27/16 at 11:59 PM PDT

EIC Team Registration
Please note that site has a 2-hour time limit. If you are inactive for 2 hours or more, you will be logged out. Be sure to save as you go along. You may log back in and continue.

Office Hours with a Professional - by appointment only and open to all student teams from all schools entering the EIC and/or BPC.
March 9, 3:00-5:00, Dempsey Hall, Herbold Innovation Lab 211.  A unique opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with an expert for 30-minutes.

EIC Pitch Workshop, 6-8:00.This is MANDATORY for EIC teams in the Seattle area and highly recommended that all team members attend if possible. Make an Office Hours appointment and stay for the Pitch Workshop.  We’ll feed you!
UW Bank of America Executive Center, Rm 420, adjacent to Paccar Hall

Official Team Entry, Screening Round - Deadline Sunday Midnight, February 21
Upload your ­5­ to 7 page Business Summary by midnight Sunday, February 21. No late entries accepted.The top 21 teams will be notified by Wed. March 2 if they have been selected to compete in the Challenge.

Sunday, March 27, midnight, upload your 1- ­page Business Summary

Judging Criteria

What is the size of the problem (number of people, gallons saved, dollars spent, etc.)?
How difficult a problem is this to solve? What are the sources of the difficulty?
What attempts have already been made to solve this problem?

Is this solution original or a novel application of an existing product?
Does the description articulate how the solution will solve the problem?
What will the team's demo consist of (prototype, simulation, proof of concept, poster, video)?

Has the team provided background information on each member?
Does this team, as whole, have the relevant skills to solve this problem?
If this team is weak in either necessary skills or experience, do they list  advisors or experts from
  the community who can help them?

Does the solution work?  How does it work?
Does the team have test results or some form of validation?
Does this solution seem to be efficient, practical?
Has the team provided some idea of what it would cost to make this for the market?

Has the team described who this solution is intended for? Defined the customer?
Does the summary identify the competition, as well as the scope of the opportunity?
Does this solution fit the problem?
Does this solution demonstrate an appropriate balance between the cost of the solution and its impact   on the problem?

Could this solution have a substantial impact in the market? The world? In peoples' lives?

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