Educator Initiative Grant 2018-2019
Submission Deadline09/17/2018
  • The Educator Initiative Grants (EIG) are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward creative and INNOVATIVE instructional approaches used to accomplish program objectives.
  • Individuals or teams of individuals employed by the Cherry Creek Schools who are involved in teaching students are eligible to apply. Parents or PTCO may assist in the writing of grant applications only.
  • Grants are designed to begin and be completed during the 2018-2019 school year. Funds cannot carry over to the next school year and any unused funds will be returned to CCSF.
  • Grant requests up to $1,000.00 will be considered.
  • NOT ELIGIBLE: food, ribbons, awards, t-shirts, salaries or sub-time.
  • Any request for computer hardware or software MUST be reviewed for District compatibility by your Principal or Director.
  • Deadline for submission: Monday, September 17, 2018 at 4PM

Grant Publicity:

CCSF appreciates any recognition you provide in print materials related to your funded project.  We encourage you to recognize CCSF as a funder in newsletter articles or other materials that are sent to your parents or community to enhance the awareness and increasing donations to CCSF to allow for increased funding of grants in future years.  We ask you to consider including a link to our website,, in any publicity materials.  For assistance in creating publicity materials or stories, or to request a CCSF logo, please contact Yolonda Grosso,, 720-554-4429.  We kindly request you submit thank you-letters, photos of the program in operation or quotes which we may publish on the CCSF website or in CCSF marketing materials.  Ensure students in photos have signed media/photo releases. 

  • Use the grant for the purposes intended.
  • Agree to share successful procedures in staff development sessions or with other schools.
  • Complete the Educator Initiative Evaluation on time. (Recipients who do not complete the evaluation will be ineligible to apply for the next cycle of Educator Initiative Grants.)
  • Coordinate a site visit, if requested, in which CCSF Board members and others may visit your school to see the grant in action and ask questions.
  • Provide appropriate detail for itemized costs along with any additional funding sources.
  • Ensure students in photos supplied to the Foundation have a signed media/photo release.
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