Heroines of Washington 2018 Nomination Form
Submission Deadline07/31/2018


The Heroines of Washington is an annual event in which women are recognized and honored for their dedication to community service and work in the healthcare, real estate, professional services, public sector and technology industries. Awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Healthcare Heroine Award
  • Professional Services Heroine Award
  • Public Sector Heroine Award
  • Real Estate Heroine Award
  • Technology Heroine Award
  • Rising Heroine Award
  • Lifetime Heroine Award

Key Dates:

April 2 - Nominations Open

July 16 - Nominations Close

August 2018 - Finalists will be selected by the Selections Committee comprised of Former Heroines based off of the information provided within the Nomination Form. During the selection process, the nominees’ names, titles and companies will be removed from the nomination form, thus making the nomination BLIND.

September 2018 - Finalist Interviews Conducted. Winners selected by the Selections Committee based on the filmed interview and from the Nomination Form.

November 14, 2018 - Heroines of Washington Gala Presentation Night (Winners will be announced)


Nomination Criteria & Process

Women must exemplify superb volunteer service above and beyond their employment requirements in the following industries.

Healthcare: Physicians, Hospital Administrators, Nurses, Medical office employees, Health Insurance, etc.

Real Estate: Residential, Commercial, Construction, Design/Build, Architecture, etc.

Professional Services: Accounting, Communications, Legal, Finance, Banking, Consulting, Marketing, Public Relations, Radio, Transportation, Associations, etc.

Public Sector: Current employee or former employee who has retired from the Public Sector within the past two years (Educators, Government employees, Teachers, Military, etc.).  Volunteer work must include the time they were employed in the Public Sector. Nominee must currently be employed. 

Technology: Information Technology, STEM, Software Engineering, Computer Science, etc.

Rising: A woman who works in any of the above industries who is under the age of 35. The nominee has exemplified volunteerism in the community, beyond participation within her company’s community outreach.

Lifetime: A woman cannot be nominated to the Lifetime Achievement category, as our Selections Committee will determine the winner of this award and she can come from any of the award categories.

  • The initial review of all nominees by the Selections Committee will be blind and thus, the Selections Committee will not know the name of the individuals or the companies they work for. Please keep this in mind when completing this nomination form so that it is as comprehensive as possible.
  • All nominees will have the opportunity to review their nomination form once it has been received by the March of Dimes to include any additional information about their volunteerism and community service. We strongly encourage each nominee to review their nomination and add specific details about the impact that have made on the organizations that they have supported.
  • All nominees must be located in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia
  • Nominees must demonstrate achievement in spreading the mission and enhancing the success of the volunteer organizations with which she is involved.
  • Nominations should be based on the woman’s personal commitment to community service, not on volunteer work they participate in solely as a part of their job responsibilities or for their own professional development.
  • All nominees will be contacted and told if they have been selected as a finalist or not.
  • If selected as a finalist, nominee MUST be available for the filmed interview (two available dates in late September). Video will be presented at the event.
  • All finalists must be available to attend the Awards Gala on Thursday, November 14, 2018.
  • Nominees must be amenable to press coverage and other marketing efforts.
  • Heroines will be selected based upon their leadership, impact, innovation and inspiration with the organizations in which she is involved by a committee comprised of former Heroines.

Nominations are due by midnight July 30th, 2018.

All items marked with an * must be completed

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