2017 Innovation Showcase
Submission Deadline09/22/2017

Innovation Showcase - "Dream it, Do it"
October 6, 2017, 4:00 pm

Where innovation meets opportunity!

It is time for KCKCC’s Innovation Showcase! Don’t miss your opportunity to be KC’s next entrepreneur success story! Pitch your “why didn’t I think of that” idea in front of venture capitalists, investors, manufacturers other entrepreneurs, and business leaders! This event will connect, engage, and grow the innovators and entrepreneurs in our community.


Participants must choose from one of two categories to submit their pitch: 1) Idea generation; or 2) revenue generation. If you have an innovative idea that you have not yet generated revenue on, you would qualify for the first category. If your idea has generated some revenue, you qualify for the second category, revenue generation.


All pre-qualification pitches will be initially judged via the online portal. All pitch participants must register via this online portal. We have provided a national Showcase webpage for you, at no cost, to promote your business nationally by sending out the link and obtaining likes.Make sure to spread the word as quickly as possible. Be prepared to explain/sell your idea to attendees.

Participants will upload their pitch videos and additional information through the portal as often as needed until the submission cutoff date. We highly recommend getting started on the process as soon as possible. Qualified persons have agreed to allot special attention to assist those who are trying out. Therefore, critiques will be given, allowing each participant time to get free consulting to improve their pitch prior to the pre-qualification events. Area experts will be available, by appointment only, to assist individuals trying out for pre-qualification; as well as those who have qualified and desire additional assistance before the competition.

  • Registration for Pitch Closes: September 15, 2017
  • Pitch Competition: October 6, 2017 (arrive between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to set up for Expo which begins at 4pm)

More information regarding the event for general attendees can be found at www.InnovationShowcaseKC.com 

For more information, please call or email: 913-288-7571 or email jenglish@kckcc.edu or mhumpheryfew@kckcc.edu 


Innovation Expo

Those who have pre-qualified for the pitch competition, will be allowed to set up an exhibit to share their idea with the general public, investors, business owners, and more at the Innovation Summit Expo. For 1½ hours, attendees to the event (including investors and mobile judges) will walk around to each exhibit.  Exhibitors will give their pitch to attendees and answer their questions. Attendees will vote for those ideas they are most interested in, or obtain additional information from you to consider future investment opportunities or purchases. You will want to invite as many people as you know who are aware of your idea to come and help promote your idea or to help you reach more people to explain your product/business.

All semi-finalists who wish to use powerpoints or videos in the event they are selected as a finalist are to submit the powerpoints and/or videos no later than one week prior to the competition to ensure proper operation and flow at compeition.

Pitch Finalists

Who Can Pitch?

Anyone who has a “why didn’t I think of that Idea” is allowed to apply. Any affiliation is welcome (no, you do not need to be a student at KCKCC).

Finalists Pitch Criteria:

Each pitch will be no longer than three minutes (strictly enforced), however, a 90 second pitch is recommended. Following the pitch will be three minutes of questions from the audience, and questions from the judges.


  • Does the innovation seem feasible (practical, impactful, profitable, meets a demand, reasonable start-up capital etc.)?
  • Is there a clear purpose and motivation for the innovation?
  • Is there a clear business idea/theme?
  • Are financials addressed?

Investor Questions

Please be prepared to receive questions and critical feedback on your business idea. Know that all of the informatin, whether they decide to invest in your idea or not, is helpful in preparing you to move your business forward.

All participants, once registered, are able to have access to business coaching, consulting,

and other supportive services at no cost to them during their preparation.

Eligibility Rules

To be eligible, the participating individual or business entity must have:

  1. Registered to participate in the pitch competition via KCKCC’s Innovation Summit online portal by the deadline date;
  2. Comply with all requirements of this competition and under this section;
  3. Agreed to be bound by the rules of the pitch competition.

General Notices

Copyright and Permission

All participants in the pitch competition who use or distribute copyrighted materials or images from any third party must have first obtained the advance written permission and authorization of the materials’ owners prior to use or distribution at the pitch competition.

Participants’ Presentation of Information

Each participant is solely responsible for the information and content it presents at the pitch competition. KCKCC and its related entities and sponsors have not taken, nor does it intend to take steps to verify the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information, materials or statements presented by each participant. It is each participant’s responsibility to comply with all applicable state, federal or local laws or regulations.  

All participants, once registered, are able to have access to business coaching, consulting, and other supportive services at no cost to them during their preparation for the Innovation Summit.

Good Luck!


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