2018 Membership Promotion Grant
Submission Deadline03/01/2018

As part of the Academy’s new mission and vision, several new principles were developed that focus on collaboration and making a global impact. As the Academy begins to realize its Second Century, we encourage all Academy Groups to be part of this momentous time in our organization’s history. Affiliates, DPGs and MIGs are asked to focus on outreach to at least one of three potential member groups. The top six applications will receive $500 to support their program. The three potential member groups include:

  • DPD graduates not pursuing an internship
  • those in allied health professions or practicing dietetics internationally
  • those with advanced degrees in food, nutrition and/or dietetics from a non-ACEND program
  • Meet and greet with area DPD program students. Include specific information on alternatives to the RDN such as the NDTR and advanced degrees while encouraging students to continue Academy membership.
  • Connect with allied health professional groups such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, etc., to support webinars, educational sessions or events and, when appropriate, encouraging allied health professionals to join the Academy.
  • Invite those with related educational backgrounds such as food scientists, community/public health administrators, hospitality directors, biochemists and agricultural specialists to attend webinars, symposiums or annual meeting, encouraging Academy membership. 


  • Applicant has approval from the Affiliate President or DPG/MIG chair.
  • Applicant must use the Prospect Membership Contact Information Form during the event and provide contact lists to the Academy.
  • Program must focus on one of the potential member outreach groups (DPD graduates not pursuing an internship, those in allied health professions or practicing dietetics internationally, those with advanced degrees in food, nutrition and/or dietetics from a non-ACEND program).
  • Online application opens November 1 and all applications are due March 1. Outreach is set to be conducted in the following membership year.
  • Applicant agrees to complete a survey at the end of the membership year for feedback and to provide outcomes of program event.
  • Description of Program – Include goals, number of expected attendees and other specifics of the program.
  • Target Group/Audience Description – Select one of the three groups and describe potential program audience, including potential attendee’s age and career level.
  • Explanation of non-member recruitment – Describe how non-members will be encouraged to join the Academy during the event and how the Prospect Membership Contact Information Form will be used. 
  • Explanation of how funds will be spent – Describe how grant money will support outreach. If your group will be contributing funds, please include that as well.
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