2018 Merit Awards Program
Thank You

Magnet Schools of America would like to thank you for your participation in the 2018 Merit Awards Program.  Feedback from readers is now available in the awards platform (ReviewR).  To access the platform you MUST have an active account/profile (i.e., submitter and/or collaborator).

Step-by-step instructions provided below:

  1. Click the following link to login with your USERNAME (email) and PASSWORD.  If you don't remember your password just click "FORGOT PASSWORD",
  2. If this is your first year submitting a merit application - skip to #3. If you have participated in award programs outside of merit, you will see a hompage with a section labeled "Events I'm Competing In". Click on "2018 MERIT AWARDS PROGRAM".
  3. A partial merit seal is displayed along the left and a table with your Submission Name(s) will appear.
  4. Click "VIEW" to access your submission/application.
  5. Next, locate the line of tabs: Submission, Personal, Attachments, and EVALUATIONS. Click "EVALUATIONS" to expand the tab.
  6. Reader scores will appear, each with a "VIEW" link to access the scored rubric.
  7. Abracadabra! You now see FEEDBACK with comments.

If you have questions about the award, please email merit@magnet.edu.

If you have technical questions about the platform, please contact support@reviewr.com

We appreciate your support and interest in our awards program.  Keep up the great work and we look forward to receiving your application in 2019!

Congratulations on a successful school year and happy summer break!


MSA Awards Team

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