Muskoka 4.0
Submission Deadline03/11/2019


MUSKOKA 4.0 encourages you to carefully review the following as you prepare your entry. Entries may be provided via upload in the format(s) of your choice.  The full Competition rules are available on the Muskoka 4.0 website.

Get right to the point. We are looking for entries that can address the following clearly and concisely:

The Impact

  • Is the business scalable? Where will the revenue be derived?  What will employment be in 5 years? What will employment in Muskoka be in 5 years?
  • How will your business impact Muskoka?
  • How can Muskoka provide an advantage to you?

The Business

  • The business and its history
  • Pre-revenue, early commercialization or growth stage
  • What do you need to succeed?
  • Exit Strategy

The Problem and Solution

  • The problem are you solving
  • The solution you are providing
  • Intellectual property, if any.

The Market

  • Describe your customer
  • How will you gain customers?
  • What’s your cost of customer acquisition?
  • Your competitors
  • Your competitive advantage

The Team

  • Capabilities and track record of each founder and key team member

The Milestones

  • What you will achieve with the $250,000 investment   For each milestone, provide:
  • Timeline
  • Cost in $CAD
  • Strategic importance of funding and advice to accomplish the milestone.

The Finances

  • Include a financial summary.   If you are cash flow negative include:
  • How much runway do you need to achieve break even?
  • What factors will influence the length of the runway.   In an appendix include:
  • Monthly cash flows, income statements & balance sheets for the first 2 years
  • Annual cash flows, , income statements & balance sheets for the following 3 years

The Investors

  • Investment raised to date
  • Sources of investments (including government funding)
  • How are these investments and your investors helping you succeed?

We are expecting well-prepared entries.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Tyler Lockhart

Investment Consultant

(705) 646-9511 ext. 250

Muskoka Community Futures Development Corporation



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