NAIOP Open Call for Conference Presentations

NAIOP holds conferences each year that bring together industry professionals from all sectors of commercial real estate. Our conferences focus on forward looking trends and innovations in commercial real estate. Our target audience is real estate developers, owners and investors; however, conferences are attended by brokers, architects, contractors, attorneys, accountants, financiers, and economic development officers. To be considered as a speaker, your session must be educational in nature. Sales presentations will not be accepted.

Selection Process

Members of the conference planning committees evaluate all proposed sessions/speakers based on the following criteria:


  • Quality

  • Relevance

  • Practicality

  • Membership status

  • Speaker qualifications

  • Timeliness

The more information you provide in your abstract, the better your chances are that your submission will stand out.
NAIOP will contact you if you submission/speaker is being considered.

We appreciate your assistance in selecting the right format for your content, however NAIOP will determine the final session type for your session. In the event of duplicate topics being submitted priority will be given to, NAIOP members and NAIOP Corporate Sponsors.

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