NASCIO 2020 State IT Recognition Awards
Submission Deadline07/15/2020

The NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards honor innovation and excellence in the use of information technology in state government. NASCIO is seeking nominations of transformational projects and initiatives that address critical business problems, improve business processes and increase citizen engagement in state government. 

Who can submit?

  • Nominations will be accepted from state and territory members in good standing. Corporate, academic and nonprofit members must work with a state CIO office to coordinate submissions.
  • Nominations must be made by the state CIO office or other state members with the state CIO approval.

What projects are eligible?

  • Projects must be state-focused (not regional, local or national). Multi-state projects are encouraged and must be submitted by the lead state. (If the project is a finalist, all states included will be recognized).
  • All projects must have been fully implemented between December 2017 and December 2019. Projects submitted in the Emerging & Innovative Technologies award category can be in implementation or beta stage through June 2020. 
  • Outsourced projects will be considered as long as they are managed and controlled by the state.
  • The project must be able to stand on its own. If the project is a phase of a larger initiative, only the benefits of the phase will be evaluated and recognized.
  • Projects previously recognized as an award recipient are not eligible. All other previous submissions (finalists or non-finalists) may be resubmitted so long as they meet the guidelines.

What else should I know?

  • Only one nomination per category per state is permitted.
  • A project may only be submitted in one award category

Award Categories

  • Business Process Innovations
  • Cross-Boundary Collaboration & Partnerships
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Management, Analytics & Visualization
  • Digital Services: Government to Business
  • Digital Services: Government to Citizen
  • Emerging & Innovative Technologies
  • Enterprise IT Management Initiatives
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) Innovations
  • State CIO Office (or equivalent) Special Recognition

Detailed category descriptions provided in the document in the Downloads section.


Nomination Requirements

  • Length of nomination not to exceed seven (7) pages total
  • Nomination should be easily readable in font choice and text size and margin size
  • Nomination must be submitted in PDF via this platform (emailed nominations not accepted)

Required Sections and Page Allotment

  • Page 1: Cover Page (title, category, state, contact, project initiation and end dates)
  • Page 2: Executive Summary 
  • Pages 3-7: Project Narrative (concept, significance, and impact)

Supplemental Materials

Nominations may include URLs of public-facing, project-specific sites. Judges may visit a site for clarification, but the project narrative will be the main basis of scoring. When writing the narrative, please assume judges will not visit the site. 
The inclusion of URLs is beneficial to other states when the nomination is included in the NASCIO Awards Library.

Do not include supplemental materials (videos, brochures, press releases, news articles, marketing materials, CDs/DVDs), as these items will not be reviewed by judges.

*All submissions must follow the prescribed format outlined above. Submissions that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

NASCIO will review all nominations to determine compliance with eligibility, nomination requirements and alignment with selected award category. If the nomination does not meet the guidelines, the nominator will be notified and granted 48 hours to resolve the situation. Nominations that remain non-compliant will not be reviewed by judges.

Nomination Scoring
Nominations are scored by a volunteer panel of NASCIO state and corporate members. Judges do not score projects from their own state or in which their company played a role. NASCIO makes every effort to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

In each award category, the three (3) highest rated nominations will be named as finalists. The highest rated nomination in each award category will be named the award recipient.

A state can be recognized as an award recipient in no more than two categories in a given year. If a state has recipient-level scores in more than two categories, the two highest scored nominations will be selected as the recipient in the respective categories. Multi-state initiatives and the State CIO Office Special Recognition category are exceptions to this rule.

Detailed information provided in the document in the Downloads section.

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