DO NOT USE Continuation Application for PHLpreK Fiscal Year 2019
Submission Deadline04/05/2018

Thank you for your interest in the PHLpreK Program for FY19! Public Health Management Corporation ("PHMC"), on behalf of The City of Philadelphia ("City"), intends to fund 2,000 quality Pre-Kindergarten slots in September 2018.

This Continuation Application ("CAP") is for all sites that were contracted in the PHLpreK program in FY18. All current sites are expected to submit a Continuation Application in order to receive ongoing funding. If you are applying for more than one site location, a separate application must be completed for each site. Once you complete an application, you must log back in to and click the Add Submission tab on the left to fill out a new site location form. If your site does not wish to participate in PHLpreK in the upcoming school year, you must notify us at by April 5th, 2018. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the entire application packet before responding to this Continuation Application.

Please Note: We recommend you use Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to fill out the application form. Old versions of Internet Explorer are not supported by Windows.


Selection Criteria

This Continuation Application is for a competitive bid for funding that will be awarded based on the criteria described below. The Applicant acknowledges that this Continuation Application is strictly for the purpose of gaining knowledge of services and expertise available and is not a commitment or promise of a service award from PHMC. If PHMC chooses to award a contract, it will be awarded to the Applicant whose proposal is the most advantageous to the City and in the City's best interest.

Evaluation of this Continuation Application will be based on written submission, performance in PHLpreK to date, references, interviews and site visits, as needed. PHMC will base its selection on criteria that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ability or capacity to meet particular requirements of contract and needs of PHLpreK and those it serves within established timeframes.
  2. Prior experience of Applicant and staff
  3. Ability to meet the needs of target neighborhoods and special populations. Click here for a map of target neighborhoods.
  4. Demonstrates integrity and efficiency in business practices
  5. Benefit of promoting long-term competitive development and allocation of experience to new or small businesses, including those owned by minority or disabled persons or by women
  6. Ability to use funds with efficacy
  7. Meets prequalification requirements
  • Valid Pennsylvania DHS/DOE License
  • Ability to show that the requirements and implications of the program are well understood

Determination of awards will be provided to each applicant, at the discretion of the City and based on available funds.

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