PHLpreK FY 2021 Application for Funding

PHLpreK FY21 Application for Funding (3/31/20)

Due to the extraordinary circumstances regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Office of Children and Families will be modifying the process for awarding seats for FY 2021 for currently contracted PHLpreK locations. The details of this change will be communicated shortly. In the meantime, providers should suspend the completion of their application(s) in Reviewr for FY20 PHLpreK funded location(s) only. 

For new programs seeking to become a PHLpreK location in FY21 the process will also be modified. While details of the change are forthcoming, providers should discontinue entering information into Reviewr until further notice.

The impact of COVID-19 to the application process will continue to be monitored and any updates will be posted to the PHLpreK website.

Questions about the FY21 PHLpreK application process can be directed to

Please Note: We recommend that you use Firefox or Google Chrome to fill out the application form.


Selection Criteria

This application is for a competitive bid for grants that will be awarded based on the criteria described below.The Applicant acknowledges this application is strictly for the purpose of gaining knowledge of services and expertise available and is not a commitment or promise of a service award from the Intermediary.If the Intermediary chooses to award a contract, it will be awarded to the Applicant whose proposal is the most advantageous to the City and in the City’s best interest.

Evaluation of this application will be based on written submission, references, interviews, site visits (as needed), and for Providers funded in FY20 performance in PHLpreK will be included.PHMC will base its selection on criteria that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ability or capacity to meet particular requirements of contract and needs of PHLpreK and those it serves.
  2. Prior experience of Applicant and staff.
  3. Ability to meet the needs of target neighborhoods and special populations. 
  4. Demonstrates integrity and efficiency in business practices.
  5. Benefit of promoting long-term competitive development and allocation of experience to new or small businesses, including those owned by minority or disabled persons or by women.
  6. Ability to use funds with efficacy.
  7. Valid Pennsylvania DHS/PDE License or if not licensed through DHS or PDE, are licensed through accrediting bodies outlined in the Alternative Pathways to STARS Designation  of the Keystone STARS Program Standards (page 18), and have a Keystone STARS designation at the point of application.
  8. Ability to show that the requirements and implications of the program are well-understood.

Determination of eligibility will be provided to each applicant, at the discretion of the City and based on available funds.

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