The Water Council's Pilot Deployment Program

The PDP program launched in February 2015 with a grant from Wells Fargo and is managed by The Water Council. The programs’ goal is to unleash water innovation by funding demonstration projects within the Milwaukee area for new water technologies focused on stormwater quality and quantity issues. 

* Your product must ready for demonstation

* Your entity is looking to demonstrate in a natural / real-life situation for further development

The  PDP, through The Water Council, will solicit, fund and support the product development phase of validating in a real-life situation. 

The specific areas of interest are in one of these 3 issues:

  1. Intelligent stormwater green infrastructure – projects that create web-based infrastructure that allow for the active management of stormwater with green infrastructure systems and the integration thereof;
  2. Stormwater quality – projects that enhance the ability to detect contaminants in stormwater and runoff, innovate the ability for best management practices to better capture and treat stormwater and polluted runoff from both urban and rural environments, and identify beneficial reuse of reclaimed water will be deemed high priority; and
  3. Stormwater quantity – projects that achieve run-off control through delayed release to the sewer system and area waterways, improve infiltration rates of green infrastructure, and maximize bio-retention will also be deemed high priority.


  • Complete the PDP application online at:
  • You must be a good standing Water Council member or you can sign up to be a member by October 30
  • You must have at least a 25% cash match and 25%  in-kind (The more the match, the more the points.)
  • You must answer required questions
  • You can be any entity business with a product that needs validation and demonstration in a real world setting
  • Applicants must have an existing prototype ready for testing in a real world site.  (This funding is not for building a prototype.)
  • Your site must be in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area Sewage District (MMSD) planning area.
    • See website:
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