The Gutsy Grant Award: Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
Submission Deadline02/29/2016

On behalf of The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation and its Board of Directors, we thank you for your interest our Gutsy Grant Award program. Please find below the grant requirements and attached application. Short Bowel Foundation is pleased to grant twelve (12) $500.00 scholarships that will be awarded for this calendar year. The purpose of our grants is to provide support to individuals, who live with Short Bowel Syndrome, who have been diagnosed with or treated for a chronic/life-threatening disease.

Applicants must apply via postal mail and/or submit via email at and submit all required information in its entirety when returning your application. Due to the increasing demand for our grants, incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the Board of Directors and CEO for consideration. All applicants will be notified 2 weeks after the Review Committee decisions via Email or Facebook Messaging through the Foundation by Andrew E. Jablonski, C.E.O. To be eligible, an applicant must satisfy the below requirements in full:


To be eligible, an applicant must satisfy the below requirements in full:

  • Applicant must have been diagnosed with Short Bowel Syndrome at some point in their life.
  • Must have been diagnosed with and/or been actively treated for a chronic or life threatening disease
  • Applicant must write an essay on how their diagnosis has impacted their lives and their future goals. (1000 word maximum)
  • Applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from their Treating Gastroenterologist/Surgeon/or Primary Care Physician. If you have a previous letter of recommendation that states the patient lives with SBS we will also accept that letter as well.
  • Applicant must provide one letter of recommendation from non-related persons (examples: other SBS families, teachers, coaches, community leaders). Reference must include their name, address and phone number within the letter!!! Scholarship Amount and Distribution: Award amount is $500.00
  • The award is awarded in full directly to the Patient (if 18 or older).
  • If the patient is a minor (under 18) the check will be made out to the Legal Guardian of the Child.
  • We please ask that you deposit your award within 1 week of receiving it via mail.
  • Any Checks that are not deposited within 90 days are considered Voided by SBSF
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