SCFB Youth Ambassador Scholarship Program
Submission Deadline10/01/2021

The South Carolina Farm Bureau (SCFB) Youth Ambassador Scholarship program aims to surface young leaders passionate about agriculture and cultivate their ability to engage in food and farming conversations with a wide variety of audiences. The program also showcases the opportunities for careers in agriculture and its related industries, as well as providing leadership and advocacy training. Youth Ambassadors should complete their year of service more confident as an advocate for agriculture and in leadership roles.


Any unmarried male or female between the ages of 17 and 21 who resides in a Farm Bureau member home is eligible to compete (cannot reach their 22nd birthday before the SCFB Annual Meeting). In the event that an Ambassador marries during his/her year of reign, he or she shall forfeit their title and scholarship eligibility to the first runner-up.

Children or stepchildren of employees of the SCFB Federation or affiliate companies are not eligible.

Past state winners are not eligible to compete.

Ambassador Program Rules

In order to receive their scholarship, each Ambassador must:

  1. Follow the Code of Conduct       
  2. Give full priority to the SCFB during their year of service
  3. Represent SCFB at required functions* including but not limited to:
    1. Women’s Day at the State House and/or Young Farmer Day at the State House
    2. Youth Leadership Conference
    3. Women’s Leadership Conference
    4. SCFB Annual Convention
  4. Have received their high school diploma
  5. Use the scholarship within two years of being awarded, or if still in high school, within the first two years of post-high school education.

* Expenses paid by South Carolina Farm Bureau

Ambassador Code of Conduct

  1. Be on time.
  2. Clear any appearances with the Agriculture Literacy Director or a designated representative.
  3. Do not use the title of SCFB Youth Ambassador out of context or for personal gain.
  4. Positively promote SCFB and the farmers and products of South Carolina              .
  5. Maintain professional conduct, dress, and poise when representing SCFB.
  6. Do not consume any alcoholic beverages or use illegal substances while representing SCFB.

If, for any reason, SCFB Youth Ambassadors cannot uphold the above standards, he or she will be required to forfeit his or her title and scholarship eligibility upon notification by the SCFB Agriculture Literacy Director.


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