2020 Spring Grants
Submission Deadline11/17/2020

Applicants must certify that authorized personnel (i.e. the Fayetteville School District Administrator and/or Principal) have approved the proposal. This certifies that the grant will not interfere with the established curriculum and policies of the Fayetteville School District. If you do not have approval, your application will not be reviewed.

• Agencies, organizations or businesses may apply for this application ONLY if they submit a letter of authorization signed by a supervisor, principal or FPS authorized personnel within the Fayetteville Public Schools.

Spring grant* Request amount – Up to $10000 Pendergraft grant*

Request amount - $10000 to $25000 For further information on funding priorities, ineligible projects, levels of funding, payment and reporting, and other requirements of grantees please review the grant guidelines at http://www.fayedfoundation.org/fpefgrants

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