Women Startup Challenge: Emerging Technologies
Submission Deadline12/20/2017

Apply to Women Startup Challenge Emerging Tech cohosted by Google, one of the largest pitch competitions to showcase and fund top early-stage women-led technology startups focused on Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT, Space and Robotics, Transportation, Biotech and Health Tech, Virtual Reality, Energy, and Agriculture Tech.

10 finalists will be selected to pitch their emerging tech ventures before a panel of prominent investors such as Nisha Dua, Partner at BBG Ventures, Rebecca Kaden, Partner at Union Square Ventures, and Hoolie Tejwani, Vice President at Obvious Ventures. The grand prize winner will receive $50,000 as a cash grant for their startup. In addition, all 10 finalists will receive pitch coaching and participate in our mentoring day with top investors and more.

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Applications close December 19, 2017. All 10 finalists will be notified on January 15th if they were selected to pitch. The Women Startup Challenge will take place at Google’s New York Campus in March 2018.

Women Who Tech has been supported by Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Google, Blanc & Otus, Fred and Joanne Wilson, LinkedIn, Office of London's Mayor Sadiq Khan, Mozilla, General Assembly, IBM, Microsoft, Rad Campaign, and Invisu.



  • Your startup product and mission must be focused on Emerging Technologies, for example: Agriculture, Augmented Reality, Biotech, Blockchain, Energy, IoT, Robotics, Space, Transportation, and/or Virtual Reality.
  • Your startup must be located within the United States, or Canada, and have a US or Canadian bank account.
  • Your venture can be at the concept stage, prototype, or have already launched.
  • Your startup must incorporate technology into the approach of your product, which allows the company to rapidly and massively scale in a manner that traditional, independent small businesses cannot. Please note that using tech (i.e. hosting a blog, selling products on your website, or using social media in your marketing) does not qualify as using tech to scale on a mass level nationally and globally.
  • Fast growing with degrees of innovation.
  • You’ve raised no more than $2.2M.
  • You are a technical Founder or you have a technical Cofounder. Note: If you don’t have a technical Cofounder, please email us and tell us more about your setup.
  • Any Emerging Tech woman-led startup (defined as at least having at least one woman Cofounder on the team can participate).
  • All ideas must be original work or an improvement upon an existing idea without infringements.


  • Agencies or consulting businesses are not eligible unless you have created a product that fits the above criteria.
  • All applications must be submitted in English, and all pitches must be conducted in English.
  • Applications will be accepted from November 15, 2017 at 12:00pm ET until December 19, 2017 at 11:59pm ET.
  • Applications will only be accepted online through http://www.womenwhotech.com and through the reviewr.com site.
  • No applicant may reach out to judges, sponsors, and/or partners in advance of the Women Startup Challenge advocating for their startup. Anyone who does will be disqualified.
  • We reserve the right to select and reject winners at any time, and we may add finalists to any round of the competition to give more entrepreneurs access to the Women Startup Challenge.
  • All finalists must pay their own travel and accommodations to the live pitch in NYC.
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