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The Louis T. Benezet Award recognizes outstanding achievement in one's chosen field, excellence through unusual success or contribution, innovation or research that has advanced a profession or a cause, and/or extraordinary contributions and achievements that have improved people's lives and exemplify the values of a liberal arts education. These attributes characterized the important contributions of Louis T. Benezet, president of Colorado College, 1955-1963.

The Lloyd E. Worner Award recognizes outstanding loyalty, service and generosity to the college as evidenced by continuing concern and support for students and the quality of teaching and learning, as well as the general well-being and future excellence of the institution. These attributes characterized the many years of service and effective contributions of Lloyd E. Worner, Class of 1942, who served as a faculty member, dean and ultimately president of Colorado College (1964-1981).

The Gresham Riley Award recognizes faculty and staff who have made a significant difference to the Colorado College community through outstanding service, commitment and accomplishment. The continuing concern for and support of students and alumni demonstrated by such individuals ensure the general well-being and future excellence of the college. These accomplishments exemplify the important contributions made by Gresham Riley, the tenth president of Colorado College, 1981-1992.

The Spirit of Adventure Award recognizes an alumnus/a, who exemplifies the unique CC experience through a life of intellectual, social or physical adventure. These attributes are characterized by Robert M. Ormes ’26, English Professor, Colorado College, 1952-1973 who was the inaugural award recipient. He was an adventurer of the mind, body and the spirit which exemplifies much of what is special about Colorado College.

Criteria for Young Alumni Trustee, Elected Alumni Trustee, and Alumni Association Council Members

General selection criteria includes:

  • service to the college as an undergraduate
  • demonstrated service and leadership after graduation
    • participation in CC events and activities
    • service on regional, class reunion, professional or other CC committees
    • other engagement with the college
  • strong background for addressing issues broadly
    • leadership in for-profit and/or non-profit organizations
    • general availability to commit time and do the job well
    • ability to responsibly and effectively deal with issues that come before the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Association Council, and the committees of those boards
    • ability to articulate, advocate, and advance issues pertaining to alumni
  • diversity
    • background and experience that can bring important perspectives to the college
  • philanthropic commitment to the college
    • generous in relationship to the ability to give
    • understanding of fiduciary responsibilities and support for the President of the college

The Young Alumni Trustee is a position appointed by the Colorado College Board of Trustees for a term of two years upon the nomination of the Alumni Association Council’s Nominations and Awards Committee and the approval of the Board of Trustees Governance Committee.  Candidates for Young Alumni Trustee must have graduated within the past three years.  They must be able to complete the two-year term within five years of graduation.

The Elected Alumni Trustee is chosen every other year by a vote of all Colorado College alumni. Elected candidates serve a six-year term. Candidates are solicited from Alumni Association Council members, alumni at large, college staff, and other members of the Colorado College community. The Nominations and Awards Committee considers new nominations, as well as nominations held over from previous cycles. Candidates are chosen for their proven dedication to Colorado College, as well as their professional backgrounds and personal accomplishments.

Members of the Alumni Association Council are alumni who have demonstrated their leadership skills in various volunteer capacities for the college, such as alumni admission representatives, career volunteers, fundraisers, events volunteers (alumni club programs) and reunion planners. They meet twice a year, at the Alumni Association Council Leadership Forum in the spring and during a telephonic meeting in the fall. New members are elected by the Alumni Council and may serve up to eight years. Council members promote the mission of the Association, which is to advance the general interests of the college and its alumni; to promote the college as a liberal arts college of excellence and national and international distinction, and to promote the participation of alumni in the college’s affairs. Any person who attends Colorado College for two full semesters in good standing is an alumnus of Colorado College and is eligible for nomination.

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