Innovation Hub Commercial Contest
Submission Deadline11/15/2017

The Innovation Hub at Research Park will be hosting a commercial contest that is open to all students in the College of Media and Communications. The commercials should be informative, 30 second, high-energy advertisements on the Hub! Contestants have a chance to win the grand prize of $1,000. Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at Midnight. 

This is a great opportunity for TTU students to build their professional portfolio, as well as, have the opportunity of applying for an internship at the Innovation Hub! The internship will entail developing Hub advertisement strategies and marketing materials for our organization, as well as, aiding with marketing materials for our startup accelerator companies.

We permit contestants to use video footage acquired from previous Hub events, however we also encourage participants to acquire new footage. The commercials will be judged based on 5 criteria: Theme and Objective, Content Facts & Information, Memorable/Creative, Style and Organization, Video and Audio Quality.

Faculty members are encouraged to mentor students for a chance to win the $500 Faculty Award. The Faculty award will be given to the faculty member that assisted the grand prize winner. 

1st Place: $1,000 

Faculty Award $500

Runner-Up $100

Please find the rubric attached under downloads. 

​Click here to utlize Hub videos and pictures. 

The Hub's media assets are for use in the Innovation Hub Commercial Contest only. By clicking the link you agree to not distribute or use Innovation Hub media for any purpose other than competing in the Innovation Hub Commercial Contest.



Community: Identified as students, faculty, staff of TTUS, friends, family, and those with a valid email address.

Eligibility: Entrant: Identified as “current” Texas Tech students in good standing. MUST be submitted prior to the competition deadline: midnight November 15th, 2017. Entries are viewed for “appropriateness” in accordance with TTU policies. If found inappropriate the team who created the commercial is disqualified and will be notified immediately. Submissions become eligible for the judges to score after a first-round screening by TTU staff. TTU Hub staff reserve the right to determine who is an eligible entrant and if an elevator pitch video is appropriate for public viewing.

Creative Brief: Entries must contain The Hub’s logo and web address in commercial bumpers (, be 30-seconds or less, provide a clear definition of “what” the Innovation Hub is and does for students, faculty, and community aspiring entrepreneurs. Must contain creative visuals, high impact messaging, “if” people appear in the commercial diversity must be demonstrated.

Key Messages: Commercial does NOT need to contain all the messaging options.

1.       It’s cool to be in school and create a startup. Target Audience is high school/college students.

2.       Innovation/Entrepreneurship is the future of Texas Tech. Target Audience general/alums/public awareness

Scoring: The Commercials will be scored by a panel/committee of judges according to the Commercial Contest Rubric.

Announcement: If the entrant is selected as a winner, the winner agrees that TTU may publicize the name, likeness and the description of him/her/team and the commercial. Apart from the prizes associated with being selected as a winner, TTU shall not be obligated to compensate participants in any way for such publicity or the use of the commercial to publicize Innovation Hub or Texas Tech.

Hold Harmless: Each entrant shall indemnify, defend and hold TTU (and its Regents, officers, the hub mentors, employees and agents) harmless from any third-party claims arising from or related to that entrant's participation in the competition, including but not limited to claims relating to intellectual property infringement. In no event shall TTU (or its Regents, officers, the hub mentors, employees or agents) be liable to an entrant for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the hub or that entrant's participation in the contest.

Notification: The winning entries will be announced on the Hub website and in a public announcement, date to be determined.

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