i.Invest National Youth Business Competition 2019
Submission Deadline08/02/2019

Welcome to the i.Invest National Youth Entrepreneur Business Competition!

The i.Invest Competition is designed to help entrepreneurial-minded youth, ages 13 -19, further advance their business development and pitching skills and connect with mentors, judges and investors from across the country. The competition will:

  • Showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of the nation’s brightest young leaders;
  • Provide a venue for entrepreneurs to test their business plan and pitching capabilities;
  • Offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn seed funding and connect with investors and potential customers;
  • Position entrepreneurs to collaborate with mentors and coaches on the development of viable business models; and
  • Provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to win cash and in-kind prizes.

To review Terms & Conditions, Executive Summary Template and FAQs click the Download tab.

How to Apply for Round 1 Scoring?

  • Click the Signup and Submit Your Plan link above.
  • Complete the online application information (i.e. contact information, concept profile, etc.).
  • Upload your executive summary (feel free to use the executive summary template in the download tab below) and two minute pitch video.
  • At any time during the application process, you may click the Logout button, located at the top of the screen. This will save the information you have entered thus far and allow you to log back in to complete your form at a later date.
  • Be sure to return and complete the application submission no later than 11:59 PM on May 1st.
  • Pay the $29 application feeTo pay now, CLICK HEREIf you would like to submit a financial hardship request please email info@i-investcompetition.com
  • Click the Submission button.
  • Feel free to contact the administrator at info@i-investcompetition.com if you have any questions about the application requirements or contact support@reviewr.com if you have technical issues.  

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Applicants must be between the ages of 13 - 19 during the application submission period. Applicants will be required to select from three categories – General Business, Technology and Socially Conscious - and select a sub-category. Judges and coaches will provide numerical scores and feedback via the Reviewr application submission platform through each of three rounds of scoring. Coaches will also offer virtual group coaching sessions to discuss best practices for improving business plans and pitch videos, and select applicants will receive one-on-one mentoring. Winners will walk away with cash, in-kind prizes and opportunities to earn equity and non-equity investments. The application submission period will start in March 1, 2019 and end in May 1, 2019. Tentatively, the competition will culminate in a live or virtual pitch event.

Scoring Criteria:

  • May: Preliminary review by Selection Committee: Top products/services (or applicants in the top percentile) will advance to Round 1
  • May - June: Round 1 Scoring: Judges will score concept profiles, two page executive summaries and two-minute pitch videos. The top applicants will advance to Round 2
  • July - August: Virtual Group Coaching & One-on-One Mentoring Sessions: The top applicants will be assigned to coaching sessions hosted by top industry leaders and one-on-one mentors. Applicants will be given time to upload a complete business plan and to revise their pitch video
  • August - September: Round 2 Scoring: Judges will score submissions. The top products/services will advance to the finale round.
  • October/November: Round 3 Live or Virtual Pitch Competition and Business Expo: Top winners will receive cash, in-kind prizes and investments.

What do you need to apply?

  • Access to a computer and email (all communication will be done via email unless otherwise notified).
  • Parental approval if you are 16 years old or younger
  • A business or academic leader to verify your demonstrable product or service
  • Ability to complete an executive summary, business plan and pitch video (templates will be provided)
  • $29 application fee or a request for financial hardship. Application fees are required. The fee includes entry in the i.Invest Young Innovators Database - a listing of youth businesses from across the nation that will be made available to investors, schools, and mentors upon request.

To review Terms & Conditions, Executive Summary Template and FAQs click the Download tab.

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