ILTA’s 10th Annual Distinguished Peer Awards 2019 Nominations
Submission Deadline06/07/2019

ILTA’s Peer Awards Program - Nominations

ILTA's Distinguished Peer Awards program recognizes ILTA peers who have delivered great business value and transformational impact through their innovations and implementations or have been champions in specific areas of focus for their organizations.

Submit your nominations by June 7.


•Nominations will only be accepted for the Lifetime Achievement Award; and Young Professionals to Watch Award. After an individual is nominated, they must apply for the award in order to be considered.
•Qualifying achievements must have occurred between January 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.
•All nominees and applicants must be from ILTA member organizations or ILTA business partners.
•All questions must be completed on the nomination form (if applicable) and application.
•Where nominations are being used, qualifying nominees will be contacted to submit an application.
•No applications will be accepted after the closing date.
•Communication between the applicant and judges regarding the application is prohibited once an entry has been submitted.
•Judges’ decisions are final.
•ILTA is not liable for costs incurred by applicants during the judging process.

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