Submission Deadline11/24/2017

Game-changing technologies are emerging at NMSU, where researchers and creative problem solvers are working in disciplines with real world impacts. Historically, it has been difficult to transition early-stage research into marketable products. Arrowhead Center’s Launch program is based on a simple concept that yields great results: by exploring a technology’s commercial potential very early in development and providing funding and resources for that work, we stand a much better chance of moving a viable product to market.

Launch has been identifying and providing commercialization support to promising early-stage technologies since 2011.  Last year we introduced a new format for the program and for this fifth-round, we adapted the program to expedite rapid growth in technology commercialization. This will involve more intensive product development and direct mentorship, which will assess and validate technologies, explore customer development, and identify investment opportunities.

  • The LAUNCH Program is open to anyone who is faculty, staff, or student at any of the NMSU Campuses (both part-time and full-time). Off-campus and cross-disciplinary collaborations are welcome.
  • Those wanting to license discoveries and innovations coming out of the labs at NMSU.(please visit and refer to FAQs for more information on qualifying projects).
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