2018 Mira Awards
Submission Deadline02/01/2018

The Mira Awards bring us together as a community to celebrate the state’s tremendous tech success stories and amplify them to media, investors and technology buyers nationwide.

The awards celebrate technological innovation, personal achievement, and business success in the state of Indiana. Mira Award nominees and winners are among the highest achieving and most innovative businesses, organizations, schools, departments, teams or individuals from across the state.

TechPoint firmly believes that recognizing achievements, celebrating successes and highlighting significant contributions that the tech sector has made to Indiana’s overall economy are critical to fostering more of them.

All 2018 TechPoint Mira Awards are given for achievement during calendar year 2017 (except for a couple categories that allow for earlier development).



QUESTION: Can my company apply for more than one award?

ANSWER: Yes, you may apply for more than one award. HOWEVER, you should typically only apply for ONE company award and ONE product award.

For example, a company should choose to apply as a Startup, a Scale-up, or Tech Company of the Year, but not more than one of these categories with the same application.

The Corporate Innovator of the Year Award category is intended for tech-enabled companies and organizations that have dramatically impacted the value, development and success of their company with a major technical undertaking.

In the product categories, you should apply for the Product, Tech Service, or Innovation categories, but not more than one of these categories with the same application.

QUESTION: Can a company that is headquartered out-of-state be eligible for a Mira Award?

ANSWER: To qualify for Tech Company of the Year, Scale-up of the Year, Startup of the Year, or Corporate Innovator of the Year awards, a company must have a comprehensive set of business functions located in Indiana, and Indiana employees must have been central to the businesses accomplishments.

For example, a company with only sales and marketing offices in Indiana would not qualify, but a company with product development, sales, marketing, and services likely would. Revenue and growth results should focus on the Indiana-relevant business unit results, not just the corporate whole.

To qualify for Company Culture of the Year, the application must focus on the cultural elements present in Indiana, with particular focus on those elements initiated in Indiana and executed by Indiana employees.

To qualify for Best New Tech Product, Tech Service of the Year, or Innovation of the Year awards, the product, service, or innovation must have been primarily developed in Indiana by Indiana employees of the company

2018 TechPoint Mira Awards Categories:

Investor of the Year
Community Champion of the Year
Tech Educator of the Year
Rising Star Award
Trailblazer in Technology Award

Best New Tech Product
Tech Service of the Year
Innovation of the Year

Corporate Innovator of the Year
Company Culture of the Year
New Start-up of the Year (Launched in 2017)
Scale-up of the Year ($100,000-$5 Million Revenue)
Scale-up of the Year ($5 Million-$20 Million Revenue)
Tech Company of the Year ($20 Million Revenue and Higher)

Best Tech T-Shirt or Swag
Best Tech Event
Best Tech Space

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