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The Mira Awards bring us together as a community to celebrate the state’s tremendous tech success stories and amplify them to media, investors and technology buyers nationwide.

The awards celebrate technological innovation, personal achievement, and business success in the state of Indiana. Mira Award nominees and winners are among the highest achieving and most innovative cities, businesses, organizations, schools, departments, teams or individuals from across the state.

TechPoint firmly believes that recognizing achievements, celebrating successes and highlighting significant contributions that the tech sector has made to Indiana’s overall economy are critical to fostering more of them.

All 2022 TechPoint Mira Awards are given for achievement during calendar year 2021 (except for a couple categories that allow for earlier development).



QUESTION: Can I submit a video?

ANSWER: Yes, and there are two ways you may submit videos. You can upload the video file itself using the attachments uploader tool in the online application, or you can upload your video to a video platform like YouTube or Vimeo and include a link to the video in your application content.

All applicants are encouraged to provide a five (5) minutes maximum explainer video to accompany your application. This could be as simple as a smartphone or Zoom recording of your CEO, product manager or other relevant leader explaining what you have accomplished and why it matters -- your application elevator pitch, if you will. While this will not replace the primary essay on the written application entirely, it may make it easier for you to get your point across to the judges. Regardless of whether or not you provide an explainer video, you must still complete the written application form.

Our best suggestion is to use the video as your dynamic application introduction to the judges, and then use the first essay question on the form -- WHY DOES THIS APPLICANT DESERVE A MIRA AWARD -- as the top line highlights of the video spelling out your application's key achievements and significance.

QUESTION: Can my company apply for more than one award?

ANSWER: Yes, you may apply for more than one award. HOWEVER, you should typically only apply for ONE company award and ONE product award.

For example, a company should choose to apply as a Startup, Scale-up, or Large Enterprise of the Year, but not more than one of these categories with the same application. It is perfectly acceptable to apply for the Exceptional Employer Award as well as one of the other company awards.

In the product categories, you should apply for the New Tech Product, Service Partner, or Innovation categories, but not more than one of these categories with the same application. It may be appropriate for some to apply for two Product Division category awards, but it would be rare.

QUESTION: What if I'm not allowed to share revenue information?

ANSWER: While we keep all private information strictly confidential and have never had a single incident with such information being shared in the 22-year history of the awards program, we do understand if you simply are not allowed to share revenue data. We strongly encourage you to at least provide a revenue range or percentage growth year over year in the provided annual revenue blanks. We also suggest sharing this information with the judging panel when you present. This way it will not be written down, but it will provide the judges the same informnation they will have with all other entries within the category.

QUESTION: Can a company that is headquartered out-of-state be eligible for a Mira Award?

ANSWER: To qualify for Large Enterprise of the Year, Scale-up of the Year, Startup of the Year, or Exceptional Employer Award, a company must have a comprehensive set of business functions located in Indiana, and Indiana employees must have been central to the businesses accomplishments or culture.

For example, a company with only sales and marketing offices in Indiana would not qualify, but a company with product development, sales, marketing, and services likely would. Revenue and growth results should focus on the Indiana-relevant business unit results, not just the corporate whole.

To qualify for the Exceptional Employer Award, the application must focus on the cultural elements present in Indiana, with particular focus on those elements initiated in Indiana and executed by Indiana employees.

To qualify for Tech Product of the Year, Service Partner of the Year, or Innovation of the Year awards, the product, service, or innovation must have been primarily developed in Indiana by Indiana employees of the company.

Mira Award applications are reviewed and ranked by independent panels of company founders, CEO/presidents, CIOs, VPs and a variety of other subject matter experts. The rankings determine which applicants will be included in the 2022 class of Mira Award nominees.

Next, Mira Award nominees are required to deliver brief presentations and participate in virtual interviews (20 minutes total) with the judging panel from their specific category on March 9th or March 10th**, and should be prepared to answer questions and discuss their application in further detail.

** We recommend making note of both of these interview dates in your calendar immediately to avoid conflicts that may prevent you from being available to present.


Because the volunteer judges are busy professionals themselves, it is impossible to reschedule missed interview appointments.

Mira Award nominees will be announced on Tuesday, February 15, 2022. Mira Award winners will be announced during the Mira Awards Gala on April 23, 2022.

PRO TIP: The best way to think about your application is as a whole—not just individual questions—and that you are writing a compelling story for the judges to read. It should not be long. It should not be difficult for a subject matter expert in your field to understand. And the innovative, unique or most interesting thing about your achievement should be right in the beginning of the question “Why does this applicant deserve to win a Mira Award?”

TechPoint and the TechPoint Mira Awards judges agree to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality with respect to information that is not in the public domain regarding organizations, individuals, or technologies nominated for the TechPoint Mira Awards.

If you have any questions about the nomination form or process, please contact Joshua Hall at or call 317-464-5416.

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