Smart Cities- Smart Futures
Submission Deadline12/09/2019

The ‘Smart Cities—Smart Futures’ competition is a chance for students, faculty and staff at Wisconsin’s universities, colleges and technical schools to help shape and change the future,” said Dr. Alan Yeung of Foxconn Technology Group and its ``Flying Eagle`` project in Wisconsin. “The competition is open to everyone affiliated with the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities or the Wisconsin Technical College System, especially students attending these higher education institutions across the state of Wisconsin. These organizations represent a talent pool of more than 350,000 students, faculty and staff across the state. We encourage everyone who is eligible to take part, submit ideas and potentially see them come to life. Whether you’re a liberal arts major or a math major, there’s a wide open field for fresh ideas and unconventional thinking.


The first phase of the initiative will focus on individuals and teams from the various academic institutions around the state, including student proposals as well as faculty-led research projects at Wisconsin’s public and private universities and colleges.

Collaboration is encouraged with partners from business and industry, plus entrepreneurs, municipalities and other local and regional partners. The qualifying condition: Each team must have student, academic staff or faculty representation from an accredited, Wisconsin-based higher education institution (post high school level).

There is no upper limit to the number of unique ideas or plans a contestant may submit. For example, one contestant may submit an idea for a new paper pulping process to the Advanced Manufacturing category and an idea for new paper-making software to the Information Technology category. The same contestant may have more than one idea advance though the competition in one or more categories. Be careful, however: Multiple entries also mean divided time.

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