Student Entrepreneur Team Building
Submission Deadline07/31/2016

Innovative? Find your people here!

Working on a new idea, creating a new technology, developing something new and cool? Ready to find a team to help turn your idea into an early stage venture, or to enter a competition? 

Post your team/company information here and search for the perfect team members.

Or are you entrepreneurial but not yet ready to develop your idea into a company? 

Post your profile here and search for an interesting team to join.


This site is for university or college students to develop teams for student-created companies planning to enter Case or other student competitions. Teams, companies and individuals must be students enrolled in a degree-seeking program at an accredited college or university in Washington state, or another school in the WWAMI network. You are considered a student if you were enrolled in summer quarter 2016 or later. 

By entering this site, either to post a profile or to view others' profile, you attest that you are a student as outlined above. This site is monitored and your profile will be removed if it is determined your credentials are not student-related.

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