Student Entrepreneur Team Building 2018
Submission Deadline07/31/2018

Innovative? Find your people here!

Working on a new idea, creating a new technology, developing something new and cool? Ready to find a team to help turn your idea into an early stage venture, or to enter a competition? 

Post your team/company information here and search for the perfect team members.

Or are you entrepreneurial but not yet ready to develop your idea into a company? 

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Check out our team formation and networking events!

Team Formation & Networking Events 2017-2018
Innovative? Have an idea? How do you find the right people to join your team? How do you find a team to join? Check out these topic-oriented team formation events hosted by the Buerk Center. Pitch your idea, pitch your skills, meet students from disciplines across campus at these fun and casual meetup events. All team formation events are 5:30-8:00 pm. Many groups go on to enter the Health Innovation Challenge, Environmental Innovation Challenge and/or the Business Plan Competition. Food and drink provided.

Maker Mixer
Wed, Oct 18, Fluke Hall Maker Space (Suite 215)

Design Thinking
Wed, Nov 1, HUB 250

Rapid Prototyping
Tue, Nov 14, Area 01 (Maple Hall 122)

Wed, Nov 29, Gould Hall Court

Panel of Past Participants (HIC, EIC & BPC)
Tues, Dec 5, HUB 250

Networking & Team Formation Final Event!
Thur, January 18, 2018
Dempsey Hall, Anthony’s Executive Forum, 3rd floor
This final meetup before the competitions really get going in conjunction with SEBA (Science & Engineering Business Association). The Buerk Center and SEBA host the Science & Technology Showcase poster competition, followed by the largest meetup of the season! Join us for food, beverages, conversation, and lots of interesting ideas!

Startup Workshops Fall 2017

Are you tossing around ideas for a startup venture, but not sure where to begin? These startup workshops are for you! Learn some basic strategies to get started. Brainstorming ideas, figuring out your customers, checking out competition, and how to pull the pieces together into a plan—you’ll start the process into developing your own venture! All workshops take place in Area 01, Maple Hall 122, from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

Workshop: Ideation
Thu, Oct 12

Workshop: Customer Discovery
Thu, Oct 26

Workshop: Market and Competitors
Thu, Nov 9

Workshop: Preparing Your Plan to Launch
Thu, Nov 30


This site is for university or college students to develop teams for student-created companies planning to enter Case or other student competitions. Teams, companies and individuals must be students enrolled in a degree-seeking program at an accredited college or university in Washington state, or another school in the WWAMI network. You are considered a student if you were enrolled in summer quarter 2017 or later. 

By entering this site, either to post a profile or to view others' profile, you attest that you are a student as outlined above. This site is monitored and your profile will be removed if it is determined your credentials are not student-related.

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