Teen Pitch Tank

Teen Pitch Tank is a contest open to all high school students in Northeast Ohio. To enter, first, think of a business idea. It can be any type of business that interests you – a product business, a service business, a social enterprise that helps people or the environment, or a tech business like a video game or mobile app. Then, create a video of yourself pitching the business idea. Finally, fill out the form and upload your video from now until October 16.

Helpful Hints:

  • Keep your video short, 60-90 seconds is perfect.
  • Keep the camera focused on you for most of the video. We want to see and hear you pitching your idea, not see a commercial.
  • Enter as an individual. No team entries in this contest.
  • Film your pitch horizontally – vertical videos don’t look professional.
  • Entries will be judged on the viability of the product, service or invention; the creativity of your business idea, name, tagline and video; and the persuasiveness of your pitch.

Good luck!

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