2019 Union County Scholarship Application
Submission Deadline05/16/2019

2019 Union County Education Foundation Scholarship
$1,250 one time award to ten UCPS students

Additional scholarships awarded for the best video teacher tributes!

Please be prepared to include the following information with this application: (ONLY PDF documents will be accepted for ALL attachments)

  • A 500 word maximum written “Teacher Tribute” to a UCPS teacher describing what this teacher has meant to you personally and to your education. We heavily weigh the writing quality of your Teacher Tribute since the essay is such an important component to our selection process. You might consider having someone review your tribute for composition and grammar, but it needs to be your own original writing and have your name, the teacher tribute's name, title and current school listed at the top of the essay.

Use this opportunity to express your gratitude for all the teacher’s hard work and dedication to you. Please do not have the teacher read your tribute. The teacher may be a current, former, or retired UCPS classroom teacher. You may still apply even if your Teacher Tribute is not able to attend the Sweet Salute scholarship presentation Thursday, May 9 at 6:30 pm. Do not share anything in your essay that you do not want public. We will display your essay for everyone to read at the Sweet Salute and possibly use your story in press releases to the media.

  • Results of SAT or other Scholastic Achievement tests.
  • A letter of recommendation from an administrator from your high school, i.e. teacher, counselor, etc.
  • A complete transcript.
  • Confirmation that you can attend the May 16, 2019 “Sweet Salute" scholarship presentation at 6:30 pm at Wingate University.
  • Resume with a listing of your extracurricular activities.
  • A statement of why you should receive this scholarship. If applicable, include why your family has financial need for scholarship assistance.
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