The app aims to effectively engage people in their communities in order to solve greater societal problems at the local level.
To give children in deprived villages a quality education and support needed to be successful in life through a chain of low cost schools.
The disabled Ugandan (and global) community would be relieved of a humiliating daily task as well as securing rewarding and profitable work.
Our company will develop 21st century robotic technologies to improve emergency services and public safety in a socially responsible manner.
CAPE is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of evidence-based mental health services to low income and under-served populations.
Reliably eliminate harmful bacteria from contaminated water source and desalinate water to sustain a population of up to 300 people.
Bridging the gap between arts-based education and contemporary art careers for creative students via new, social, art educational technology
Our project’s most important social impact is the increased capacity for the testing of HIV treatment failure in low-resource settings.
We will tackle the critical issues facing East Africans in San Diego through our focused efforts on improving the educational attainment.