A mobile barbershop business based out of the back of vans.
Ocean's Lotion is a revolutionizing product that changes the way we use lotion. Ocean's Lotion is a water-proof lotion that is also bug proof. This product is great for people who play sports or hike who wants to take care for their skin.
If you play multiple sports, but can’t afford to buy all different shoes, then Super Shoes are for you. You press a button on the side of the shoe and any kind of sport shoe will pop out.
Waking up in the morning and trying to fix some breakfast can be challenging especially when the sun is blocking your view. I came up with an idea called the Toaster Sunglasses that helps you detach the sunglasses from the toaster when you want to make toast or a bagel with ease and comfort
The Break-Case is a suitcase that folds into your very own chair.
InsideOut Designs is an organization that remodels rooms indoors to look like outside. It is intended to be used for those who are bedridden or in hospitals or nursing homes.
Sunny Bug is sunscreen and bug spray mixed together with a little scent and a secret ingredient. Keep the bugs away without getting burned and smell great doing it!
Beautifying a yard is satisfying for a customer. I believe that a yard says a great deal about the person(s) who live in the home, therefore I would like customers to choose me as their landscaper and provide the best experience possible.
You no longer need snow or water to strap skis on your feet! Roller skis are the thrill you need to enjoy skiing year round!
My idea is formed to help disabled kids learn how to dance like stars. I want them to feel free and display their artistic ability through dance.
The smart pillow has Alexa built into it, so is able to speak, answer questions, set alarms, and the best part is that you don't need to reach over to press the snooze button anymore!
A lifestyle app for new college students.
Our idea is based on makeup that doesn't break you out. It is made for all types of skin.
My business makes mouth guards less expensive and more fun for people!
Pick-up Game is an app developed to connect kids looking for others to play with. It brings together a group of kids who may not know each other, but all want to play sports games. Anyone can host or search a Pick-up Game so no kid ever has to be stuck bored and alone again.
The Sleeping Pack is an innovative backpack that can easily convert into a sleeping bag. The purpose of this product is to help the homeless stay warm without having to deal with the bulkiness or other inconveniences that come with a traditional sleeping bag.
The Bed - Jector is the latest in smart bed technology. With three varying levels of assistance, say goodbye to your snooze button and hello to the bed-jector!
La Gomita is a durable, magnetic, elastic hair tie suited to meet all hair standards. Equipped with magnetic ends, this non-breakable hair tie make it promising for any hair event.
If you don’t want to do chores at home just buy the mop vac. The mop vac makes your floor shiny and clean so I suggest you to buy the mop vac.
Soap for kids of all ages that colors your skin. Once applied, you scrub the color off so you know you’ve cleaned your body.
A well define plastic tray to go inside a cup holder in a car to help people sit things down and limit distractions
This is a box that has all the materials you need for birthdays parties. It comes in a box that is easy to open unlike a lot of other party things. You only have to send me details!
We are a company that makes a new kind of skateboard. Our design is safer, more colorful, and more comfortable
A vibrating pillow alarm clock that wakes you up with vibrating technology instead of a loud noise.
ViP Applications is a new app designed specifically for visual and performing artists to increase their opportunities, and organize their portfolio and audition requirements, as well as strengthen the arts community and provide more networking opportunities.
Backup Babysitters is an app that finds qualified, nearby babysitters when your own babysitter cancels last minute. This app uses a survey to meet every parent/guardian’s specific wants and needs.
If you hate getting bumped when you have a broken collar bone, then you can use my "blow up shoulder pad." It has a sensor that activates it (inflates it) to protect your shoulder when you are pushed or bumped. It also lights up in the the dark, so it is useful at night.
Oxybottle is a water bottle that extracts water from the humidity in the air and stores it as safe and drinkable water.
Scholarly Connections is a way for students of all ages to access faster free broad band internet. By allowing students to have this access it makes learning more easier in a time of crisis like now. This simply changes the future trajectory of learning going forward, with free access-able internet for every student.
This product prevents water from getting on your clothes.
Optaurant is an optimal restaurant hiring service to help reduce employee turnover time, recruiting and retraining costs, and lost productivity. This will save restaurants a lot of money, creating a more efficient environment for more sustainable restaurants.
My product, Calming Jars, was made to help people and entertain them. With all the glitters and colored water, it is very eye-catching. You can play with it to feel better, get out of boredom, or have better focus.
Social media influencer on YouTube where I create my own original content with my passions of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
The TemperSpoon can heat your food or make it a bit colder when you eat!
The Squishy Tushy Blanket is a whole new way of enjoying your favorite sporting events. It's an incredibly comfortable, memory foam seat cushion with a cozy blanket attached.
Headphones that cancel so much noise you cant even hear yourself.
I make pins to remind you of good days
My idea was a water fountain/desk that took the water out of the air and filtered it into clean drinking water and any extra unneeded water would go to help people around the world with water problems.
Anti-Glare Wear is a clear, plastic film that sticks onto glasses lenses, eliminating the glare. Unlike anti-reflective coating, Anti-Glare Wear is a cheap alternative that can be added to your lenses anytime you want, wherever you want, regardless of the age of your glasses.
We sell a miniature library that goes outside and is meant to bring communities together and promote reading.
Krisoul has created a water filter that includes a built in sensor that tells the user how safe the water is.
Shoe pops are pouches with putty inside. You take the putty out and put it on your shoelaces to keep them from untying.
An app with features such as homework management (Star Studies), an online store (The Gift Market), student-authored news articles, virtual tours of campuses and more!
This product eliminates the use of plastic water bottles that end up harming animals in the ocean & if it were to be disposed of, it is safe for marine life.
TextSaver is an app-based study aid that allows for textbook and note information to be converted easily to flash card format for studying efficiency.
Comfy, durable, waterproof socks.
I provide scent lip gloss and various flavors-colors. lip gloss is easy to apply.
MAH is a medical alert helper app that reminds patients when to take there medication, how many tablets to take, when to refill their prescriptions, reminds them to wear their medical identification jewelry & notifies them of upcoming doctor appointments. Also, my app will be able to scan prescriptions to assist patients who are visually impaired and help to prevent medical emergencies from occurring.
My idea was for a series of 3D pens in different color sets, so that no matter what you were creating, it would help bring everyday objects to life!
It is time to light up your wardrobe! My goal is to make the process of shopping and purchasing a t-shirt easier with easy online shopping, quick delivery and great prices.
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