Zoom-O-Spectacles allow you to adjust the sensitivity of your sight and amplify sound around you.
My buisness is a cafe that is completly dog friendly.
Fun! Safe! Everyone can go on it! Enjoy a light up sled ride...the glow ride!
I’m selling beautiful, decorative jars that are made specially for any holiday, like Easter-In-A-Jar or Christmas-In-A-Jar. These jars can be given as gifts, or used as decorative pieces at home. After the goodies in the jars are used up, the empty jars can be used as flower vases, napkin holders, or even for art supplies. The jars are available for $8 each, or 2 jars for &20. So buy your jar today and make someone’s holiday special.
The multi bed is an easier way to keep your things safe and organized. It comes in many sizes and colorful designs
A hoodie with a clear pocket so you can use your cell phone when it's raining or snowing!
Ovo is a robot companion for your pet! You can activate him from anywhere when you’re away.
The double sided TV allows two people to each watch their own show on either side. It also let's them play their own DVD or video game on their side.
Edible 3-D printed food that is easy to cook, nutritious, sustainable, and can feed many people for a low price.