My product's design would fill the damaged parts of the road that cause potholes and damage to our vehicles from an underground coating. A solar array would power a circuit to a vibration sensor which would detect excessive wear in order to fill potholes. So, when salt is used in the winter to help melt the snow, this system would help the roads from breaking down. With my new engineering solution, it would not only make our roads smoother, but would allow drivers like me to be safer.
OHhh is a cross-platform math education app and its targeted users are teenagers in beginner level math class. Its goal is to introduce concepts intuitively and help students understand the “why” behind seemingly “nonsense” math rules. It also introduces challenging topics and makes connections between advance units to easier ones. Incorporating technology, this app will make the intuitive understanding of fundamental math accessible to more people.
At Attack Photography, we are focused on providing fast and affordable services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Attack Photography strives to offer the best services around. With our competitive pricing and great customer service, Attack Photography is the right choice for you! We have a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.
Souper Bowl provides a solution to people to handle hot bowls and casserole dishes safely and without discomfort.
The SmarTrivet targets adult males and females to make conscious decisions while cooking and charging their phones in order to prevent home fires and maximize productivity. The spiral design inside each piece allows the product to transform into a phone stand, a large trivet, two smaller trivets, a wine rack, decor, and more to meet many individual needs. The company also plans on helping environmental issues by donating some earnings to the National Association of State Foresters.
The product works by bringing in air, then running it through air filters to capture the carbon dioxide while releasing the clean air out. My company GreenEco will be selling this product at select locations for $29.99.
My brand is elevate and I have created 100% natural terra body balms to help with issues such as calming anxiety, reducing insomnia, and enchaining brain performance using a blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients. By using terra body balms, you eliminate the hassle of carrying around bulky bottles and the sticky mess that essential oils leave behind. Terra body balms are easy to carry and discrete so you don't feel embarrassed when using my product.
The Paste Pod is an individually packaged toothpaste pod. The Paste Pod eliminates the problem of toothpaste messes in the bathroom. It is ideal for households with small children and for traveling. The Paste Pod also comes in unique packaging. It is equipped with a shelf to raise each pod of toothpaste to the opening of the box. After one is taken out a new one is dispensed. The Paste Pod will be the new and innovative way to apply toothpaste.
My business focuses on promoting good health and wellness in the community by encouraging bike riding and safe biking habits. The Bike Anchor is a portable bike rack designed to be used by anyone with a bike. In just three easy steps, any bike can be anchored down. First, drive the corkscrew stake into the ground. Second, lock the rotating plate in the Anchor over the stake, securing it. Lastly, lock the bike to the Anchor. When the Anchor isn't in use, it can be compactly stored on any bike.
CitySurge is the intelligent cable that eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure and charge points. Providing an innovative solution that overcomes the hurdles of traditional public EV charging. CitySurge simplifies public charging infrastructure by integrating charging and network communication equipment into a charging cable.
Our Space is an educational resource database that provides LGBTQ students with information on how to advocate for themselves and their peers in their local school districts.
The goal of AudioText is to help people with the inability to hear and people with hard of hearing, by using automated speech recognition to mimic speech onto glasses. I thought of this idea when my friend's grandma was hard of hearing and then it just clicked. She was my inspiration for this product, and I hope to keep trying to help, because sometimes it's too late to learn sign language. In conclusion, I want to help everyone with hearing problems, even if it's just one text at a time.
Find My Dog is a dog collar with a tracking device that syncs to your phone so you can find your dog easily.
Skirts, jeans, and dresses that are secured using Velcro, as opposed to the traditional zippers or buttons, however, it still has the appearance of those buttons or zippers, so no one would ever know!
GreenPlate is an app for vegan and vegetarians that allow them to locate nearby restaurants within miles from them that offer vegan and vegetarian options. this app also allows users to snap a picture of each meal they eat to track their daily nutrition intake.
Saved Health processes fruit and vegetable juice by-products into a nutritious, all-natural, versatile superfood powder that can be used as a healthy additive to just about any food or drink.
The Skate Smart app lets you know when you need to replace parts on your skateboard and helps you purchase parts at the most affordable price.
My business idea is a straw that changes colors when in contact with a drug. It alerts you if someone has spiked your drink.
Elevate Media offers high quality aerial drone photography and videography to real estate companies in Ohio.
Brace-like tools that comfortably restrict motion to show new swimmers how to properly swim strokes. For freestyle and backstroke my product keeps the legs straight. For butterfly, it holds the legs together for a good dolphin kick. To help learn breaststroke, my product guarantees that its users will kick with flexed feet as opposed to pointed ones.